IT’S GIVE AWAY TIME!!! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Hello my lovely followers! Like I have promised I am finally hosting an awesome giveaway for you guys on tumblr! 

There will only be two winners for this giveaway! The first place winner will get to have the first pick of two of these three choices and the second place winner will have whatever that is left! As you can see there are also a blue version of the dress and two piece, so you will be able to choose the color that you want if you decide to choose them!!

To enter this giveaway, please go here!!

♡-NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS! It has to be a personal blog.
♡-Do not delete these text, you will be disqualified.
♡ This giveaway is international so anyone can enter!
♡ Must be 18+ or have parent permission because I will need your address to send you the prize when you win!
♡ Please have your inbox open, I need to be able to reach you if you were chosen!
♡ I will also be announcing the winner public, unless they do not want to be mention, then I will respect that.

♡This must reach over 2,000 or I will discontinue it!

Giveaway will end in two months! October 15th!